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Albion go down at Anfield (02/01/2006)

Stats: Liverpool v WBA 31.12.05/15:00 (02/01/2006)

Albion take on Villa (02/01/2006)

Ref is the Villain (03/01/2006)

Stats: WBA v Aston Villa 02.01.06/12:00 (03/01/2006)

Koumas sits out Cup (05/01/2006)

Robbo considering offers (05/01/2006)

FA Cup Round 3 (06/01/2006)

Stats: WBA v Reading 07-01-06 (09/01/2006)

Ugo set to join (09/01/2006)

Wigan Vs West Brom (13/01/2006)

Albrechtsen Bags Points (16/01/2006)

Stats: Wigan v WBA 15-01-06/13:30 (16/01/2006)

Robson to add Kozak (17/01/2006)

FA Cup 3rd Round Replay (17/01/2006)

Stats: Reading v WBA 17-01-06/20:00 (18/01/2006)

Lita dumps out Baggies (18/01/2006)

Robson hopeful on signings (18/01/2006)

Ugo a no go (19/01/2006)

Have we been here before? (19/01/2006)

Robson happy with squad (19/01/2006)

Baggies Vs Black Cats (20/01/2006)

Robson gets Kozak on loan (20/01/2006)


Black Cats shock Albion (23/01/2006)

Albion confirm Slovak deal (24/01/2006)

Robson defends Carter (24/01/2006)

Kozak keen on stay (25/01/2006)

Big Dave moves on (26/01/2006)

Albion linked to Pole (26/01/2006)

AJ going back home (27/01/2006)

Canaries swoop for Welsh Dragon (27/01/2006)

Lions bag Dyer (27/01/2006)

Robbo wants England job (29/01/2006)

Horse target for Blades (29/01/2006)

Quashie rumours grow (29/01/2006)

Albion visit The Valley (31/01/2006)

Earnie off to Norwich (31/01/2006)

Uruguay International joins on loan (31/01/2006)

Stats: Charlton v WBA 31.01.06/20:00 (31/01/2006)

Quashie signs on at Albion (02/02/2006)

Trio sign up for Baggies battle (02/02/2006)

Baggies take on Rovers (02/02/2006)

Super Kev stuns Rovers (04/02/2006)

Stats: WBA v Blackburn 04-02-06/15:00 (04/02/2006)

Davies attracting interest (09/02/2006)

Off to the Cottage (10/02/2006)

Stats: Fulham v WBA 11th February 06/ 15:00 (12/02/2006)

Fulham trounce Baggies (12/02/2006)

Horse joins Blades promotion push (13/02/2006)

Sturrock linked with Hoult (19/02/2006)

Davies to be Captain Marvel (19/02/2006)

Baggies take on Boro (25/02/2006)

Fans back Davies for captain (25/02/2006)

Stats: WBA v Middlesbrough 26th February / 15:00 (26/02/2006)

Jimmy is Hassel for Albion (27/02/2006)

Davies happy where he is (28/02/2006)

Quashie facing lengthy ban (28/02/2006)

Quashie gutted to be missing out (01/03/2006)

Blues is the target for Gera (01/03/2006)

Kirkland asks for reserve outing (01/03/2006)

Kirkland off in reserves defeat (02/03/2006)

Mourinho coming to town (02/03/2006)

Stats: WBA v Chelsea 4th March 2006/12:45 (05/03/2006)

Cole wins it for Chelsea (05/03/2006)

It's a fight for survival (08/03/2006)

Duke back in the goals (14/03/2006)

Stats: Birmingham v WBA 11th March 06/12:00 (14/03/2006)

Duke wants to start (14/03/2006)

Robson back Kamara to be top man (14/03/2006)

T-Mobile extend deal (16/03/2006)

Baggies entertain United (17/03/2006)

Louis at the Double (20/03/2006)

Stats: WBA v Man Utd 17th March 2006 (20/03/2006)

Unlucky Kirkland returns to Reds (24/03/2006)

Baggies off to the Lane (24/03/2006)

Stats: Spurs v WBA 27th March 2006 (28/03/2006)

Keane double beats Baggies (28/03/2006)

UMBRO join forces with Albion (30/03/2006)

Robson hoping things click (30/03/2006)

Euro Champs coming to Town (30/03/2006)

Cisse stars in Reds win (03/04/2006)

Stats: WBA v Liverpool 1st April 06/17:15 (03/04/2006)

Robson bemoans performance (03/04/2006)

Blues win dents Baggies hopes (05/04/2006)

Robson will keep star players (05/04/2006)

10 Questions with a Villa fan (05/04/2006)

Derby day at Villa Park (08/04/2006)

Stats: Aston Villa v WBA 9th April/12:00 (09/04/2006)

Baggies hopes dented (09/04/2006)

Chaplow keen on Baggies return (12/04/2006)

End of Season Questionnaire (12/04/2006)

Arsenal Vs Albion Preview (14/04/2006)

Stats: Arsenal v WBA 15th April 2006/ 15:00 (15/04/2006)

Time is running out (15/04/2006)

Baggies Vs Bolton Preview (17/04/2006)

Stats: WBA v Bolton 17th April 2006/20:00 (18/04/2006)

Another missed opportunity (18/04/2006)

Newcastle Vs Albion (21/04/2006)

Stats: Newcastle v WBA 22nd April 2006/15:00 (22/04/2006)

Gutless Albion going down (22/04/2006)

White flag protest Monday night (24/04/2006)

Peace Vs Robson Vs Players (25/04/2006)

Premiership or Championship? (29/04/2006)

West Brom Vs West Ham (29/04/2006)

Championship here we come (29/04/2006)

Stats: WBA v West Ham 1st May 2006/ 20:00 (02/05/2006)

Reo-Coker takes the points (02/05/2006)

Premiership Farewell (07/05/2006)

Stats: Everton v WBA 7th May 2006/ 15:00 (07/05/2006)

Gera on target in draw (07/05/2006)

Inamoto considering his options (08/05/2006)

Kozak and Martinez released (08/05/2006)

Baggies linked to Cardiff striker (12/05/2006)

Albion News (15/05/2006)

Robson on Jerome (23/05/2006)

Duke will be ready (23/05/2006)

Robbo linked with move away (23/05/2006)

Staying or going? (23/05/2006)

Albion turn down bids for stars (24/05/2006)

Blues bag Jerome (29/05/2006)

Jones looking to land Koumas (29/05/2006)

Gera plans Baggies stay (30/05/2006)

Kirkland looking for top flight move (30/05/2006)

Baggies set to lose out on Hartson (01/06/2006)

Robinson rumours gathering pace (01/06/2006)

Albion linked with Rajczi (05/06/2006)

Baggies battle Blues for Weir (07/06/2006)

Roberts linked with return to Albion (16/06/2006)

Baggies turn down Robbo bid (20/06/2006)

The Fixtures are out (22/06/2006)

Does Zoltan want to leave? (23/06/2006)

Weir no to Albion (24/06/2006)

Our best players are NOT FOR SALE (24/06/2006)

Baggies Squad 2006/07 (24/06/2006)

Baggies seal Hartson transfer (26/06/2006)

Peace warns off vultures (27/06/2006)

Albion linked with Davenport (29/06/2006)

Spurs increase offer for Davies (04/07/2006)

Baggies seal deal for Perry (04/07/2006)

Koumas talks planned for Monday (07/07/2006)

Watson staying with Baggies (07/07/2006)

Kuszczak linked with United (07/07/2006)

Kamara breaks foot in fall (12/07/2006)

Albion still searching for keeper (13/07/2006)

Koumas set to leave (13/07/2006)

Koumas - WBA Career Over? (14/07/2006)

Albion sign Zuberbuhler (14/07/2006)

Gera transfer request turned down (14/07/2006)

Albion Rubbish Walcott Link (14/07/2006)

Albion travel to Kiddie and Walsall (14/07/2006)

Koumas FINALLY going to Cardiff (17/07/2006)

Kuszczak offer turned down (18/07/2006)

Albion and Cardiff in War of Words (18/07/2006)

Robbo signs 3-year contract (18/07/2006)

Kilmarnock first up on Tour (20/07/2006)

Baggies in for Thompson (20/07/2006)

Scottish Tour Coming To A Close (24/07/2006)

Shittu Signing To Replace Davies? (24/07/2006)

Blues Are Albion`s Main Rivals? (25/07/2006)

Striker Drought At The Hawthorns (25/07/2006)

QPR Name Shittu Price (26/07/2006)

Put Up Or Shut Up Arsenal (27/07/2006)

Pompey Bag Thompson (28/07/2006)

Davies Pens 4 Year Baggies Deal (28/07/2006)

Koumas off to Scotland (01/08/2006)

Albion Announce 06/07 Squad Numbers (02/08/2006)

Baggies Vs Hull (03/08/2006)

Question Time - Hull City (03/08/2006)

United Offer For Kuszczak Rejected (03/08/2006)

Shittu Offer Accepted (03/08/2006)

A Winning Start! (07/08/2006)

Baggies Bluebird Test (08/08/2006)

A Point Gained! (09/08/2006)

Kuszczak Loaned to United (11/08/2006)

Albion Sign Steele & McShane (11/08/2006)

Saint's Stalemate (14/08/2006)

A Potential Upset? (18/08/2006)

Unbeaten Start Continued (21/08/2006)

Villa Accept Bid for Kevin Phillips (22/08/2006)

Kevin Phillips Signs for Albion (23/08/2006)

Koumas Signs New 3 Year Deal (23/08/2006)

A Pathetic Shambles (29/08/2006)

Should Robson Remain Manager? (30/08/2006)

Win or Bust for Robbo (08/09/2006)

Baggies Late Show (12/09/2006)

Robson Parts Company With WBA! (18/09/2006)

Vital WBA Site Available. (24/10/2006)

Defending Angers Mowbray (01/11/2006)

Gregory Praises Baggies (01/11/2006)

Kamara Shortlisted For Award (01/11/2006)

Robinson In The Clear (02/11/2006)

Bruce Not Happy Over FA Decision (03/11/2006)

Off To Pride Park (03/11/2006)

Baggies Rue Misses (04/11/2006)

Mowbray On Derby Defeat (05/11/2006)

Kamara Picks Up Award (05/11/2006)

Gera Fears Allayed (06/11/2006)

No Loans Required (07/11/2006)

Phillips Ready To Go (08/11/2006)

Earnie Hopes For Good Reception (10/11/2006)

Mowbray Still Confident (13/11/2006)

Earnie Tips Baggies (13/11/2006)

Star To Be Let Go? (14/11/2006)

Starlet On Loan To Pirates (15/11/2006)

Koumas On Form For His Country (15/11/2006)

Beeby Refs WBA v Burnley Clash (15/11/2006)

Robinson Set For Comeback (16/11/2006)

Baggies Bounce Back (19/11/2006)

Mowbray Happy With Win. (20/11/2006)

Pair To Go Out On Loan (20/11/2006)

Ellington Praise For Koumas (20/11/2006)

Blackburn In For Koumas? (20/11/2006)

Mowbray Gets The Vote, Just (21/11/2006)

Hartson In Battle To Stay (21/11/2006)

Ronnie The Tyke (22/11/2006)

Mowbray Gets A Boost (23/11/2006)

Thorpe Refs Stoke Clash (23/11/2006)

Stoke City vs West Brom (24/11/2006)

Quashie's Thanks To Pulis (24/11/2006)

Robinson's Battle Cry (28/11/2006)

Wallwork In Knife Attack (01/12/2006)

Win FM 2007 With Vital West Brom (01/12/2006)

Wallwork Grateful To Well Wishers (05/12/2006)

Mowbray Pleased With Draw (05/12/2006)

No Bust Up Say Baggies Pair (05/12/2006)

Youngster Extends Loan Deal (14/12/2006)

Mowbray Wants More Of The Same (17/12/2006)

Perry Attracting Interest (18/12/2006)

Robbo Issues Warning (18/12/2006)

Pleat On His Way? (22/12/2006)

Baggies At Full Strenth (22/12/2006)

Steele Back At Coventry (23/12/2006)

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